Network Licenses and Standalone Licenses are locked to some data of the selected computer. 

It is necessary to send these locking data before to generate the software license.

This can be done with HostInfos application.

NB: HostInfos was formely named wechoid2.


You have selected the computer to which you want to lock the licenses

You have downloaded HostInfos setup program


  • Install HostInfos with HostInfos setup program.
    At the end of the setup program, HostInfos will be automatically started
  • Start HostInfos
  • Select 'Standalone Workstation' or 'License server' as Host information
    Do not change any option in the locking criteria unless you have been asked for.
  • Enter your personal information
    • name
    • organization
    • email address
    • any relevant / contextual information
  • Use the buttons to send us the information.

There are diverse ways to send us the locking data

  • Send (HTTP) : Directly sends information to licensing email address via an HTTP request.
    Be sure that your internet connection and your firewall allow this operation.
  • Save and send (email) : Save the information on your computer, then open your mail client program.
    You must attach the generated file(s) to the mail before to send it
  • Save and open: Save the information file(s) on your computer then open an explorer.
    You must send us this file to



See Standalone License Download Page