If you use Network Licence mode, it might be useful to know who is currently using licenses. 

You can consult the log file for a chronological usage 

See : <OSdrive>:\Windows\SysWOW64\lservsta 

You can also use a program named Wlmadmin for the license server current status.


  • You have installed the License Server  
  • You have prepared the WlmAdmin program on a computer that has network access to the License Server
    WlmAdmin is part of the Sentinel RMS Tools package

SentinelRMS x.y.z-Tools package can be downloaded from the Download page


From the License Server or from any computer that has access to the License Server : 

  • Start WlmAdmin
  • Find the server node, and unfold it 

The server can be discovered (Subnet Servers) or specifically defined (cf. Edit > Defined Server List)

  • Find the license feature node, and unfold it
    If some clients are still using licenses, a Clients node will be present
  • Unfold the Clients node
Information related to the clients is displayed :