When you use Network License mode, it might be necessary to delete licenses previously added. This is done with a program named Wlmadmin.


  • You have installed the License Server
  • You have prepared WlmAdmin program on a computer that has network access to the License Server
    License Server itself is the simplest choice
    WlmAdmin is part of Sentinel RMS Tools package

SentinelRMS x.y.z-Tools package can be downloaded from Download page


From the license server, or from any computer in same network : 

  • Start WlmAdmin.exe 
  • Find the server (if necessary, add it to the defined server list) 
  • Find the license feature name 
  • Find the license.
    You can check the current state, the start and end date if there is more than one license for the same license feature name
  • Right click on the license, then click on : Delete license from server and it’s file 

Check if the license has been correctly deleted


License file is, by default, in the following location : 

Folder : %CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel RMS License Manager\WinNT
File   : lservrc

So, you can also, after stopping the relevant service, edit the file.