In RCS Cut it is already possible to define some zones (or holes) with different shapes (free hand drawing, circles, ellipses) and apply a quality on it

But all these possibilities are made with different functions and some of them can't be used in the retroprojection screen

Now it is possible to define zones and set qualities at the same time with only one function in the retroprojection screen

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In the retroprojection screen, open the contextual menu with right click and choose Define and set quality zones

Choice of quality

The choice of the current quality (None, Q0, Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4, Q5) is made by a simple right-click

Once the quality whhel is opened you can move the cursor to the desired quality

To validate the choice you can either left-click or wait

The current quality is displayed near to the cursor

Choice of mode

The choice of the current mode (Free hand, Circle, Ellipse, Fill) is made by a pressed right-click

Free hand

Once this mode is selected, you can draw freely on the skin

One left-click to begin and draw with the cursor


Use the middle-mouse to change the diameter of the circle


Use the middle-click to be able to change the horizontal diameter, vertical diameter or rotation

Use the middle-mouse to change the diameter or the rotation


Fill the selected contour with the current quality