When you receive a standalone license, the license always has an expiration date. It is to protect our common interests.

Additional informations

As you know, a standalone license is bound to some hardware characteristics of your computer (Disk ID, Host Name, CPU Info, ...)

It may happen that these characteristics change, or that you wish to move your license to another computer.

Delivering temporary licences allows us to manage these situations in a simple manner, preserving our common interests.

With an active maintenance contract, you will receive new licences a few weeks before expiration.

Extrait 6077_03-Support_Agreement Atego - 2013 - S'en inspirer? 

License Transfers. Technical Support shall include the ability for Licensee to request a License Transfer

which enables the Licensee to move licenses between computer systems utilized within Licensee’s

organization and project. Atego will grant such License Transfers involving quantities of licenses up to

the number of licenses under standard support for the current support term conditional upon

obtaining from Licensee a signed certification regarding the destruction of the licenses being replaced

or moved as the result of a requested transfer. Reinstatement of the Support Term per section 3.3.1 of

this document will be required for transfers of any licenses not under a current Support Term.