RCS Showcase is a web application designed to display models from RCS Data Management or RCS. This is why the application is not connected to the PDM's database and requires it's own user definitions.

An account is necessary to use Showcase web application.

Accounts settings are stored in the users.json file (JavaScript Object Notation) located in USERS_DIRECTORY_PATH (see RCS Showcase - Installation guide for details).

# Example of users.json content
  "username": "john",
  "password": "UkP/DqDKdxQJnxabdSjumBvqXfwWpQASDdCX0tELNy05FeyfR1cO",
  "name": "John Smith",
  "company": "Stratégies",
  "superuser": true

Basic account creation

Only a superuser is allowed to add account.

At the first start of the application, a superuser account with demo as login is created.

Navigate to Management page (you must sign in with a manager account)

Click the Edit label in front of the Users line, fill fields :

  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Company 
  • Type (normal | manager | superuser)

Then click Apply, a dialog showing credentials of the new user is displayed.

Removing account

With a text editor, remove the block related to the account from the users.json file.


You can limit the list of models displayed for an account by adding a filter object to the account definition in the users.json file. 

The filter object is a list of arrays which names must match the filters available in Showcase application filter panel :

For each array, add the values corresponding to the filter you want to set.

Please note that filters names and values are case sensitive.

# Example of filter section in account definition block
  "username": "john",
  "password": "UkP/DqDKdxQJnxabdSjumBvqXfwWpQASDdCX0tELNy05FeyfR1cO",
  "name": "John Smith",
  "company": "Stratégies",
  "superuser": true, 
    "brand": [ "Acme" ],
    "gender": [ "Man", "Woman" ]

Available features by user type

ConsultationManage Models
(left panel of manager page)
Parameters modification
(right panel of manager page)