RCS Showcase is a web application, provided as WAR (Web ARchive) package.


Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package must be installed

Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 - 2019 Redistributable Package must be installed

Wildfly 19.1.0 application server must be installed in order to deploy Showcase application (see Installing Wildfly 19.1.0)

It is recommended to enable HTTPS on Wildfly server (see Enabling HTTPS on Wildfly 19)

A licenses server must be available

Getting Wildfly package

See below for download link.

Showcase setup

  1. At a chosen location, create a folder for Showcase data (ex. c:\showcase\data), we refer to it as <SHOWCASE_DATA>
  2. At a chosen location, create a folder for Showcase users (ex. c:\showcase\users), we refer to it as <SHOWCASE_USERS>
  3. Locate the Wildfly 19.1.0 folder, we refer to it sa <WILDFLY_HOME>
  4. Move to folder <WILDFLY_HOME>/modules/com/cadwin/settings/main
  5. Copy the file to 
  6. Edit the (use / instead of \ for folder separator)
    a) Set the value of FILES_DIRECTORY_PATH to <SHOWCASE_DATA>
    b) Set the value of USERS_DIRECTORY_PATH to <SHOWCASE_USERS>
    c) Set the value of LICENSE_SERVER to the licenses server name
  7. Save
  8. Start your browser and navigate to the Wildfly server management console 
  9. Sign in as system / manager
  10. Click on Deployments
  11. On the upper left, click on Upload Deployment, select the Showcase War file previously downloaded, then Next
  12. Modify the fields Name and Runtime Name to showcase.war, then Finish

Test Showcase

Start your browser and navigate to https://localhost/showcase

A demo account is available (without password)

Download links