In some cases, you may have to update Sentinel RMS License Server: 

  • compatibility with the OS update
  • compatibility with the client application
  • bug fix
  • ...


  • You have copied the new version of Sentinel RMS License Server setup on the server
  • You have prepared WlmAdmin program on the server

WlmAdmin is part of Sentinel RMS Tools package

Sentinel RMS License Server setup and  SentinelRMS x.y.z-Tools package can be downloaded from Download page

This update is a simple procedure which should only take a few minutes.

Even if it can be seamless, it is recommended to do this update without any user connected with an application using the license server.


  1. Make a backup copy of Sentinel RMS license file. This file save the registered licenses.
  2. Uninstall current version of Sentinel RMS License Server
  3. Install new version of Sentinel RMS Server
  4. Check with WlmAdmin if licenses are still registered. If not, register them using the backup copy.


Sentinel RMS License file is a text file, which location is by default : 

Folder : %CommonProgramFiles(x86)%\SafeNet Sentinel\Sentinel RMS License Manager\WinNT
File   : lservrc