If you use Network Licence mode, it might be useful to check what are the currently active licences.

This can be done with a program named License Manage Administration, also known as Wlmadmin.


  • You have installed the License Server  
  • You have prepared WlmAdmin program on a computer that has network access to the License Server

SentinelRMS x.y.z-WlmAdmin package can be downloaded from Download page


From the License Server or from any computer that has access to the License Server:

  • Start WlmAdmin
  • Find the server node and unfold it.

Server can be discovered (Subnet Servers) or specifically defined (cf. Edit > Defined Server List)

  • Find the license feature node and unfold it.
  • Unfold the Licenses node.
    You will see one licence node per registered licence
    Usually, only one is active. It is displayed as on open book icon.
    Select the active licence

All the information related to this licence will be displayed (Active/Inactive, End Date, ... )

WlmAdmin 10.2 screenshot

WlmAdmin 9.6 screenshot